Polyethylene Film Innovations

Charter NEX Films’ technical team continually engineers new and innovative film solutions. We work closely with top resin and additive suppliers to research and test new resins to provide better films for current and future needs. Our knowledge of how unique additive systems work and interact with each other allows us to safely incorporate new additives into high-performance custom film solutions.

We utilize our pilot line to test new resin developments from our supply partners and new formulations for our customers, allowing us to develop film structures without large scale trials. We create not only custom solutions but also long-term partnerships with our customers.

Film innovations:

  • Scientific Balloon Films
    Long-duration high-altitude balloons used by NASA for scientific applications in Earth’s outer atmosphere.
  • Medical ID Bracelets
    Developed film that allows for reception of detailed information bar codes and photo IDs on medical ID bracelets printed in hospitals.
  • Chemical Drum Label
    A label that can withstand extreme environments, is compliant with GHS standards and can be printed on a digital printer for immediate use.
  • Component for Solar Panels
    A film that was developed in a multilayered construction for long-term weatherability in harsh conditions.
  • Metalized Films
    A film type that replaces a three-ply structure with a two-ply lamination solution for food packaging application needing thermo lamination graphics.
  • Fishing and Hunting Licenses
    A film that allows for a direct thermal coating used in fishing and hunting licenses. This solution offers a cost-effective yet durable way of mitigating wear-and-tear after a year spent in a pocket of a hunting jacket or the bottom of a boat.

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