Game-Changing Product Development

Medium-high and medium-slip film products have been a challenge for film converters and end-users for certain applications. To meet this need, Charter NEX Films developed and patented a controlled coefficient of friction technology (CCT). This additive and process combination effectively meets specific COF requirements. Our CCT films have been successfully used for applications in:

  • Lawn and Garden
  • Coffee
  • Cheese
  • Snacks
  • Pet Care

CCT allows for a more consistent COF, which makes it easier to maintain a medium-slip range during conversion. This results in less transfer of slip to PET, OPP and nylon top webs; less slip buildup on equipment; and less slip scalping by adhesives and ink. CCT increases stability at higher temperatures from the outside of the roll to the core and is available in monolayer, multilayer and barrier film constructions.

Enhancing film properties by integrating specialty additives into films

UV Blockers and Stabilizers
UV blockers and stabilizers are formulated for long-life performance for film used in prolonged sun exposure applications. Our UV stabilizer technology does not migrate or add color or discolor under normal conditions.

Available in coextruded and barrier film products, Charter NEX features many film solutions that utilize anti-fog technology, allowing our customers to provide a transparent window for products that are typically refrigerated or have grease that may transfer to the package window. Applications for anti-fog films are fresh produce, meat snacks, refrigerated poultry and others. Anti-fog films are FDA-approved for food contact applications.

Anti-stat films are ideal for powdered products, high-speed filling of dry products, cheese packaging, coffee and snacks. Anti-stat additives allow for FDA-approved films and can be used in monolayer, multilayer and barrier films.

Most of the films manufactured are clear or white. However, Charter NEX also offers an assortment of colored films, including tints and opaque colors.

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