Standing strong, dedicated employees, realizing at this unique moment in time, their ability to help their fellow man is not only tested, sometimes fearful, but required. Responding with courage, loyalty, hard work and action. We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to our front-line warriors, who understand, and have fully embraced, the role they play in keeping America’s supply chains up and operational.

Protecting our most valuable assets

Employee Safety Infographic 3
Employee safety
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Employee Care 3
Employee care
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Making a difference

Stories about heroic steps the Charter NEX | Next Generation Films team is taking to support customers and the nation through this difficult time.
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Products we support

Examination Gowns
COVID-19 Test Kits
Face Shields & Masks
Hand Wipes
Cleaning Products
Fresh Produce
Bread & Bakery

As a critical to infrastructure business, we are operating our plants 24/7 through the pandemic. Many of the products we support are not only used to battle COVID-19, but also to support everyday life. The products we support include COVID-19 protection and testing, medical supplies, food protection and safety, and personal care.