Films for Graphics, Tag and Label

Charter NEX manufactures a wide range of films designed to exceed the requirements of the most demanding tag and label applications. Many of our films feature UV stabilization as well as water, chemical and tear resistance. These properties make them perfect for industrial, horticultural, transportation, commercial and retail environments.

We work closely with signage and tag and label industries to provide a range of solutions that meet the increasingly diverse needs of consumers everywhere. For these applications, we offer graphic intensive solutions that enhance consumer experience with durable, consistent and safe products.

Typical Products and Properties

End-use specific design characteristics:

  • Conformable label
  • Frosty clear for no-label look
  • Harsh environment
  • Base film for top coating

Graphics, Tag and Label Film Applications

  • Banner and Signage Films
    • Mono banner films with matte finish for ease of printing
    • Coex block out banner films for two-side printing and no show-through
  • Release Liners
    • Silicones anchor well to our base films
    • Suitable for construction applications – stand up to moisture and rain
  • Tag
    • Durable tag – staple, wire tie, nail, glue
    • Thermal Transfer printable
    • UV stable for outdoor use
    • Suitable to down to -65 degrees F
  • Label
    • Food Packaging
    • Beverages
    • Industrial
    • Consumer Packaging

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