Health Care Films for the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries

Our films for the health care market include solutions for medical, pharmaceutical and personal care applications. They play a vital role in the safe and sterile delivery of care for patients all around the world. From wound-care products to medical ID bracelets, our medical film solutions are developed to ensure confidence in the protection and performance of the materials that are critical to the health and safety of the people who need them.

Critical Features for Health Care Films

Desired end-use specific properties in this market area include:

  • Excellent gauge control
  • Superior quality and documentation systems
  • Robust film formulations
  • Films engineered to withstand sterility processes
  • Consistent traceability for film safety
  • Exceptional quality maintained with world-class process control

Health Care Film Applications

Flexible films are used extensively in health care markets in a wide range of applications. Each high-quality film is designed with properties as specified in end-use application:

  • Bag Films
  • Header/Breather Bags for Procedure Kits
  • Component Films
  • Carrier Sheets
  • Chemical Resistant Packaging
  • Forming Webs
  • Peelable Film Top Webs
  • Peelable Sealants
  • Pouch Sealants
  • Medical ID Bracelets
  • Drainage/Feeding Bags
  • Wound Care
  • Infant Care and Incontinence
  • Medical Device Packaging

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