Innovation in Film Solutions

The Charter NEX Films’ technical team continually engineers new and innovative film solutions. We work closely with top resin and additive suppliers to research and test new resins to provide better films for current and future needs. Our knowledge of how unique additive systems work and interact with each other allows us to safely incorporate new additives into high-performance custom film solutions.

Custom Solutions to enhance speed-to-market

We develop custom solutions on our pilot line that meet your exacting requirements and desired performance characteristics. We actively seek to identify new materials and test them to develop new films in a short period of time.

Speed-to-market is critical for our customers. Knowing which film structures are used for specific applications is extremely valuable. This is particularly important when entering and exploring new markets and opportunities. The ability to develop and test film constructions gives our customers a competitive edge.

We test both physical and chemical compositions, and we are committed to remaining on the cutting-edge of analytical and quality testing.

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